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Sequential gas injection system of fourth generation




Electronic multipoint gas injection system EGS  NEO    is intended for use in injector cars for LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) or CNG (methane) conversion with 3 or 4 cyl. It is applicable for full-group, semi-sequential, sequential petrol injection and single injection.

EGS NEO has new features:

-correction of injection time of any gas injector

-changeable threshold of RPM pulse processing

-possibility of working without RPM pulse

-check of  gas injectors operability

-software control of switching ON-OFF gas valve of reducer and multivalve

-recording and processing of MAP charts for petrol and gas

-mode of automatic continuous  correction of the system according to  data from MAP charts

-counters of operation time on petrol and on gas

-counter of technical maintenance  time with sending  sound signal to switch

-possibility to work with curves and factors table both

-simple separate tuning of injection times for bank 1 and bank 2

-mode of  emergency start on gas

The system  NEO  includes:

  • main unit in metal  case
  • wire harness with hermetic connectors
  • manifold absolute pressure (MAP)
  • reducer temperature sensor
  • gas temperaure sensor
  • change-over switch with LEDs
  • installation set