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Sequential gas injection system of fourth generation



Gas-Diesel conversion kit EGS-DI.

Multiprocessor Diesel-Gas system. Each controller processes only its sensor or signal what allows to   put in operation of main processor power and complicated algorithms of processing.

Versatility of the system. Operation with information from equipped sensors and from CAB-bus, both.

Possibility to operate by two different algorithms:  simplified like most of the systems on the market and sophisticated “algorithm of forecasting in real time” with  phasing of  gas injection moment to each cylinder with precise duration and frequency.

Algorithm  allows, depending on experience of the installer and design of the engine, to inject gas before or after turbine and directly to each channel of inlet manifold.

Multiple dynamic check  of performance of gas system sensors.

Continuous check of gas escape.

Dynamic tuning gas supply depending on exhaust temperature  and knocking.

The absence of  emission of unburnt particles in cut-off mode, slowdown by engine and during blowdown of injectors cylinders (at connection to each cylinder).

Phasing gas injection.

Precise matching  of gas injection frequency to RPM, precise dosage depending on load and RPM of engine.

In fact percentage ratio of gas consumption  is stable at different vehicle  running conditions.

Good performance  in mode Autopilot (cruise control).

Statistical collection of data in gas ECU  itself at performance on Diesel and Dual Fuel modes with following data processing.

Statistical collection of failures events with recording of all events in the moment when they occur.

Availability of two-channel emulator of Diesel engine signals (TPS, turbine pressure, air-flow meter,. etc.) with control by inboard CAN-bus. The emulator operates with analog and digital signals, both. It could be tuned with software of gas ECU (optional).

Fast autocalibration and customisation  of gas system sensors and whole gas system.

Possiblity to collect data of the system performance and to correct it in real time remotely with GSM module.