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Sequential gas injection system of fourth generation


Fuel tank alarm system

A unique alarm system solution for fuel tanks and not just for protection. Designed to prevent fuel theft, this product has already proven its worth in many companies and not just for this purpose.

The uniqueness of the system is that the sensors respond to the external magnetic field tampering. In addition, it reacts to the signal level in the wires if the cord is cut off or tampered with. And in both cases, the alarm system will be triggered and a siren will be activated. In addition truck lights can be connected to the alarm system as additional alarm indicator.

In the standard system set, it is possible to see if the alarm has been triggered and which fuel tank has signaled. Of course, it is possible to transmit a signal through GPS tracking devices to your manager for monitoring and coordinating fueling stops.

For newest trucks it takes 3 sensors to fully supply alarm system of fuel tanks. The system is ready to support 4 sensors and one additional programmable sensor if needed.




Control unit – 1 pc.
On/Off button with LED indication – 1 pc.
Magnet sensor – 1 pc.
Siren with autonomous power source – 1 pc.
Wires with connector – 1 pc.
Extension cable for sensor – 1 pc.



The system is designed for the protection of a refrigerator trailers, regardless of whether it is being towed or parked alone. Enable or disable security with a remote control or a secret button. Possibility to connect to GPS-GSM transport monitoring system. The information will then be communicated to your manager about activation, shutdowns and triggers.

Refrigerator Trailer Protection Systems RAS v2.0  and   RASRF v2.0

Refrigerator Trailer Protection System with Data Transfer via GPS-GSM Tracking Devices. The sensors are mounted on the trailer and the control unit in the truck. The data is transferred to the control unit via a cable ( RAS v2.0) or radio frequencies  (RASRF v2.0)

Power Control Unit   PC-32

Power control unit  PC-32 is designed to distribute the power supply when multiple power sources are present and deliver it to a device that requires constant power to run.

For example: A refrigerant semi-trailer that has tracking or other device that requires power. The board is connected to the power supply of the truck, which is used as the main power source. If it is lost, the battery of the refrigerator is used. If it fails also, power from the auxiliary battery turns on.

When the power is restored, the unit feeds the tracking device from mail power source and charges the auxiliary battery.

Proposed auxiliary power source: Battery 12V 7.2Ah F1 Pb CSB



Microprocessor Device EGS  Flex Fuel  

The device can be used for the conversion of petrol engines to ethanol-petrol blend E10, E40, E85 or E95 with electronic engine control unit.



This device is designed for vehicles equipped with a digital tachograph, by use of  «one minute rule», in case of multiple ramps, loading in several shops, etc.


Locks for semi-trailers

Door locks DSM v1.0  meets all requirements for TAPA TSR certification.

Fast, easy and minimal installation changes requiring task.

The door lock can be with or without a status sensor. The lock with a sensor provides the ability to transmit data when the lock is opened and closed via the GSM-GPS device.

Set includes:

Mul-T-Lock C13  lock with or without state sensor

Protective plating for the lock



Gas-Diesel conversion kit EGS-DI.

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Electronic multipoint gas injection systems EGS MAXI is intended for use in injector cars for LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) or CNG (methane) conversion with 5 or 6 cyl. It is applicable for full-group, semi-sequential and sequential petrol injection.

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Electronic multipoint gas injection systems EGS (EuroGasService) MIDI are intended for use in injector cars for LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) or CNG (methane) conversion with 3 or 4 cyl. It is applicable for full-group, semi-sequential and sequential petrol injection.

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