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Sequential gas injection system of fourth generation



Electronic multipoint gas injection systems EGS (EuroGasService) MIDI are intended for use in injector cars for LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) or CNG (methane) conversion with 3 or 4 cyl.  It is applicable for full-group, semi-sequential and sequential petrol injection.

EGS MIDI system advantages:

  • Compatibility with cars with OBD and EOBD
  • Fuel consumption optimization
  • Engine dynamic characteristics optimization
  • Easy installation
  • Autocalibration: one click function
  • Autodiagnostics
  • 3D card
  • Possibility of adaptation by MAP and OBD
  • Built-in software OBD tester with possible read-out and deleting errors in petrol ECU
  •  No “back-fire”
  •  Warning of the installer in the case of wrong system connection


The system MIDI includes:

  • main unit in aluminium case
  • wire harness with hermetic connectors
  • manifold absolute pressure (MAP)
  • reducer temperature sensor
  • gas temperaure sensor
  • change-over switch with LEDs
  • installation set